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On location head shots can be a lot of fun.  Megan did an amazing job lighting up in front of the camera.  We achieved this shot in the dreaded 2pm harsh sunlight but moved into open shade while letting the rim of sunlight bounce across her face giving her a natural glow that really shows off how beautiful she is.  This is one of the reasons working with natural light is such a joy.  Don’t get me wrong, studio lights have a great place in portraiture; there is a consistency and science to it that many photographers love.  And often times they come out with a great finished product.  As for my style, I am more drawn to an environment that I, and more importantly, the person being photographed is more comfortable in.  I feel it is a bit awkward becoming relaxed and just being yourself inside a studio with strobes flashing every time that shutter button is released.  When you are relaxed and having a good time great photographs just happen.

Let’s see what kind of fun we can cook up for your photography needs.  Please contact me for prices on your next (or first) session.  Shoots like this can be more affordable than you may have thought.

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  1. gorgeous!!

    September 12, 2013 at 8:14 pm

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