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She said YES!!!!!!

I had the honor of being hired for this surprise proposal at Southwestern University.  They had their first date under the tree where he proposed.  How thoughtful is that!?!  It gets better.  They live in Houston so this guy had a lot of planning to do to get her back to their old college campus without her suspecting a thing.  First, hiring the photographer (me) without ever meeting me and trying to explain the exact path they would be walking from their arrival, to the tree that he was going to be under for the proposal.  Thank goodness for satellite Google maps because let me tell you there are a lot of trees at that campus, but only one will do for the proposal.  As a matter of fact, we never even spoke to each other, other than through text and email until after his proposal.  Just to give it an extra bit of challenge, the fall session had not started so the only people there were the two of them along with my assistant and myself.  I’m sure you can imagine how tricky that is to blend in with giant cameras.  So, photographer is now checked off his list.  His next challenge: getting all of their family and close friends to travel to Southwestern, wait across the street in hiding for them to arrive and have the proposal go down all while not letting her know what was up.  Oh yeh, did I mention it’s 102 degrees out there.  Finally, he had to get her there without her suspecting a thing.  This guy is good.  He fakes a nervous breakdown at work saying he just needs to get away with her for a few days and clear his head.  She buys it and says she’s in.  As they’re in the car he decides to “spontaneously” make a stop off at their old college for a stroll around campus to see if anything has changed.  Next thing she knows he asked the unexpected question under the tree where they had their first date.  I love the pure surprise and joy she has as her hands go to her head before she exclaims “YES!!!!”.  This guy knows romance!

What a thrilling shoot!

Congratulations on your engagement Ross and Hannah!

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We use your input to come up with a setting that works for you.  There is something for everyone in and around this city.

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AVP Engagement Sessions

Let’s make a bold statement together.

AVP Photo Session

They said “Yes”!

I always feel so honored to be a part of moments like these.  It was such a joy to work with this couple.   The only hard part was to stop laughing long enough to get some photographs.

Congratulations on your engagement.  I can tell the two of you will have an amazing life full of love and laughter.

For this couple’s engagement session we wanted to create a scene that was a reflection of their lifestyle.  At Austin Vivid Photography our goal is to produce photos that are uniquely you.

I recently had the chance to shoot this newly engaged couple.  Since these two just exemplify Austin we decided to shoot at a spot that also exemplifies Austin; MalverdeContact us today and let us capture your perfect style in your perfect venue.